September 6, 2021

Major Announcement: 1 MILLION users 🥳

Today we officially hit 1 million users on Vampr! That’s a global community of 1 million musicians and creatives who have together:

  • Created over 220,000 original songs with people they’ve met on Vampr
  • Enjoyed a combined 62.5 BILLION streams on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and Soundcloud
  • Generating significant royalties of $162M flowing directly into their pockets

Baz and I are both blown away and incredibly proud of these milestones – so we made a video to celebrate!

I want to thank Music Week for breaking the story, my impossibly hard working team, each and every one of our supportive shareholders, and, most importantly, our now 1 million strong Vampr community.

Here’s to the next million – Josh ✌️

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