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May 19, 20233 mins read

What are the key things to mention in a press release?

By Leesa

Do you need to write a press release, but have no clue what key things should be mentioned? Have a read and by the end, you will know exactly what to include!

What is a press release?

A press release? Sure thing! Think of it as a shout-out to journalists, bloggers, and any other media folks. It’s like you’re saying, “Hey, I’ve got something cool going on!” It could be about anything newsworthy like launching a new product, opening a new store, hosting an event, or even a big change in the company’s leadership.

As a matter of fact, a press release is a neat little package of information that tells the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your news. This is designed to make the journalist’s life easier by giving them almost everything they need to write a story about your news. It’s like you’re serving them a ready-to-cook meal; they just need to add their own spices and it’s good to go!

In essence, a press release is your chance to grab the media’s attention and say, “Hey, check this out, it’s pretty cool!”

What do I mention in my press release?

What is your exciting news?

The headline of your press release must tell all. What is the exciting news you are sharing? An example may be “Vampr drops newest Academy Course covering all things Press!”. From the headline alone, you should have an idea of what is coming. Next, you will dive right into the juicy news. Tell the reader about your project and why it is exciting. Maybe it is the first of its kind? Is it a new type of music? Is it a huge personal achievement? Why should we be excited about this?

Name drop in your press release

Tell them a bit about yourself, where you are from, your experience in the industry, what drove you to make this project, etc. Now is the time to name-drop! Were there any people involved in your project worth mentioning? This could be another musician you collaborated with or perhaps even your designer for the album cover. If they are important, include their name!


Be sure to tell any backstory or meaningful insights about your project in order to evoke emotion and connect with the reader. In contrast, how is your project different from the next emerging musicians? Why is it special? You need to convince the reader that it is special enough for them to want to share it with others via their press outlets.


Make sure you explain what the music is like so people have an idea of what they will hear. You can do this by talking about your musical inspirations and listing artists who you sound like. This starts to form an expectation in the reader’s mind. For this reason, if they love any of the bigger artists you’ve mentioned, you may have already struck a chord of interest in their minds.

This one might seem obvious… but given that you are sending a press release about your music, make sure you include a clickable link to your music. The reader needs to listen to your track to make sure it is suitable for their audience. Don’t make the rookie mistake of forgetting that link or sending them to a link that they don’t have permission to access.

High-res press shots

In order to pique the interest of the reader, having striking imagery is certainly only going to help. If the press outlet decides to run your press release, you need to have high-res press shots for them to include online. Low-res imagery is an immediate turn-off. Equally important, be sure to include color images over black and white images. Press outlets prefer color as it is more eye-catching.

By the same token, be sure that these images are easily accessible for the reader and that they have full permission to download them.

Want to know what else you might need for your release? Check out our Vampr Academy Content Creation Course >> HERE

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