September 6, 2021

Major Announcement: 1 MILLION users 🥳

Today we officially hit 1 million users on Vampr! That’s a global community of 1 million musicians and creatives who have together: Created over 220,000 original songs with people they’ve met on Vampr Enjoyed a combined 62.5 BILLION streams on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and Soundcloud Generating significant royalties of $162M flowing directly into their […]

record stores and the best music distribution online by Vampr Distribution

August 19, 2021

Best music distribution strategy for 2021 | Vampr Distribution

The best music distribution strategy for 2021 includes a mixture of sending music to: Digital service providers Social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and TikTok) Traditional music formats (such as digital download and physical – vinyl, CD, cassette) The music industry continues to evolve with ever-faster technology developments. It’s important that your music distributor is reaching […]

Man on street playing guitar

August 5, 2021

7 ideas to build music communities online

Artists should focus on creating their own music communities. A music community is more than just having listeners or fans, or working with managers or agents. Music communities are groups of people who work in tandem to support an artist. This creates an ecosystem that supports and lifts an artist up. Here are 7 ideas […]

July 21, 2021

Nominated for Developer of the Year 2021 🎊

We’re excited to share this morning that Vampr has been nominated for Developer of the Year at the 2021 App Developer Awards. Winners will be announced next Thursday, July 29. The App Developer Awards are the annual barometer for the global app development industry. The 2021 Awards will recognise success and bring to the forefront […]

July 21, 2021

Building and using a music community to help raise your exposure as an artist

What is a music community? Your music community is your supportive network. Music communities are your executive network, creative team, musical collaborators and your fans. They: Are passionate about you and your work Engage with your online and offline presence Help share you and your work with others May help fund your work, products, shows […]

June 23, 2021

Vampr music consumer innovation: A breakdown of the leading music communities platform

Music consumer innovation for music communities Vampr is a nominee for the Music Week Music Consumer Innovation Award 2021. This article describes why we’re the leading app for innovation for music communities.   Vampr is for: Finding like-minded people in the music industry. These could be in your local area, or with similar musical tastes […]