January 24, 2022

Register for webinar + closing date announcement

Hey everyone, We have two BIG things to announce today 🥵 First, we are excited to announce that we will be closing the round on Thursday, March 31 🤗 Secondly, this Friday we will be hosting a webinar experience where we will be answering as many of your questions as we can get through 🧑‍💻 […]


January 17, 2022

Seeking new moderators 🛑

You may recall we recently launched Rooms. To quickly recap, Rooms are spaces where Vampr members can chat about things they share in common. Due to the overwhelming success of this feature we’re in urgent need of community moderators. Community moderators will receive the following: Exclusive moderator permissions Verification badge for your Vampr profile ✔️ […]

music -promotions in the music industry

December 24, 2021

The A-Z of networking for music promotion and actually getting heard

There are many different avenues to follow when it comes to music promotion. Typically, you should focus the majority of your music promotion efforts on fans and prospective future fans. However, as part of building your online music community, you may find opportunities to promote your music within the music industry as well as beyond […]


December 15, 2021

Happy holidays 🎁 Your new plugin is on us 🤑

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and in 2021 we’re bringing the holiday spirit with an exclusive plugin, free to download immediately! Introducing FRCTURE ⚡️ 8 Instruments 50 Presets 100% Free Mind blown 🤯 What next? Make music happen! Our challenge to Vampr producers, should you choose to accept it, is to share your original FRCTURE […]

Power Laws

December 11, 2021

Power Laws: Why Vampr is a Magnet for Top Talent

Hey everybody, We put together the below report to study the influence of Vampr and to see what we could learn about our business model. It’s admittedly a little bit dry, but heck, the findings are super insightful! You can find the original publication of this study over at our Wefunder campaign page, where there […]

How to create an album cover

December 8, 2021

How to create an album cover that you and your fans will love

This post is a collaboration with: PosterMyWall – a free album cover maker Create a professional album cover in 6 simple steps Releasing an album is a strenuous, but fun, process! You’ve created the music, considered music publishing and prepared for release – but you’re still getting started! Finally it’s time to bring all that […]