November 9, 2022

Top 5 Vampr Community Spotlights – November

The hottest and latest music releases by emerging Vampr musicians. 🔥

Vampr wants to pay homage to our incredible community. We have so many artists releasing insane music and living their best musical lives – we want to spotlight as many as possible!

If you’re in the mood for some ear food, go listen, follow, and like your fellow Vampr community members. 🙌

1. Tessa Elaina 

Tessa Elaina is a singer/songwriter from Virginia. She composes her songs with guitar, harmonium, piano and looper pedal in her home studio. Tessa is releasing her mastered recordings soon but in the mean time you can enjoy her song Soil & Earth streaming on all platforms.

Listen to Soil & Earth single below:

2. Chad Carlisle 

Chad Carlisle is an Indie Rock Musician and Live Sound Engineer hailing from Los Angeles, California. He has honed his skill in the Live Sound space for the last 10 years working with the likes of Allah Lahs, Regrettes, Morgxn and Blame My Youth, to name a few.

Listen to Time Capsule album below:

3. Emanuel Brown 

As a native to Newport News, Virginia and now resident of the greater Seattle area, Emanuel draws in inspiration from experiences while growing up there. In a career and genre where authenticity is vital to success, E. Brown‘s sound is an embodiment and personification of the lates 80’s and early 90’s entwined with new-age intensity, uniqueness and rawness.

With vast years of musical expertise, independent artist Emanuel Brown identifies and resonates with the Hip-Hop and R&B community. E. Brown has been fortunate to work with well respected artists in the industry and is always looking to improve his skill set as a lyricist and singer he has dropped two albums, two EP’s and a slew of singles to show his commitment to his craft.

In 2021 Emanuel was fortunate enough to chart four times on the iTunes Charts in Japan & Africa for carious songs. As well as being placed on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” playlist in February of 2022! The Virginia product has also released his newest single Don’t Stop which is one of his proudest works thus far.

Listen to Don’t Stop single below:

4. Casey Cavaliere 

A Philadelphia-based musician, producer, mixer, and songwriter. As guitarist and founding member of The Wonder Years, Casey has enjoyed an exciting career recording and has toured extensively around the world.

Currently, Casey is doing an EU tour but when he’s not touring you can find him front and center on his podcast “The Record Process.” We’ll be doing our Accelerator Session with Casey this November, talking touring, production, helping artists define their sound and brand and how to grow as an artist.

Listen to the latest episode below:

5. WolfStang 

Wolfstang is part wolf, all ‘stang. A hit maker. Shape shifter. She’s been a waitress, a student, a loner, a clown. A producer, a CEO, the wannabe queen around town. “We’ve all got scars. I just got tired of hiding mine.” – Wolfstang

Listen to her latest EP below:

Was that not sweet music to your ears? We couldn’t get enough. Go and connect and say hi to these artists, they are all on Vampr and smashing it!

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