Vampr 2020
August 21, 2020

New Look. New App. New Opportunities.

We have some very cool things to share with you…

Today we are thrilled to unveil a completely new Vampr. Launching alongside this major overhaul of the platform is our premium subscription service, Vampr Pro with Distribution. For good measure we updated our brand too, reflecting a stronger and more focused vision.

It’s taken two long years to get to this point and build a suite of tools that would support our ever growing user base and their needs. With the recent launch of Vampr Publishing, and the new Pro service with Distribution, today’s release elevates us from a simple networking tool to a 360º self-service platform for artists. Vampr was already the most vibrant music professional network in the world. With Vampr 2.0 it just got a whole lot better.

The app itself should feel comfortably familiar while completely new. And that’s because it is. In a recent blog series we’ve discussed why we took the steps to rewrite Vampr from the ground up. We required a robust foundation from which we could build upon and blossom, and now, thanks to this year’s insanely successful crowdfund campaign, we can finally deliver!

So what’s Vampr Pro?

Vampr Pro is a cost-effective monthly subscription service which bundles the tools every artist needs to promote themselves and monetize their work.

The feature that has everyone talking is music distribution, with a twist. Users will be able to service their music to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all leading digital service providers, while keeping 100% of their royalties. In addition to Distribution, Vampr Pro will offer the following new features: 

◦ Make your profile matter with unlimited tracks & videos
Unlimited rewinds – undo your swipes
Search the world and collaborate remotely
More chances to connect per day
Stand out from the crowd with the Pro badge
Hide your profile and search in stealth mode

Vampr Pro will be available for a monthly cost of $4.99. We are also offering reduced rates for a 6-month term ($23.94, $3.99/month) or 12-month term ($35.88, $2.99/month).

There’s no doubt about it, COVID-19 is doing its best to keep us all apart. With this new version of Vampr and the introduction of Vampr Pro we hope we can help you stay a little more connected.

Lastly, for all our graphic designers or folks interested in the thinking behind our rebrand, we’ve published a new blog entry today detailing the where, the why, the how! Check it out here ✌️

See you on the app,

Josh and Baz

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