Vampr in Apple Best of 2017

December 19, 2017

Apple reveals Vampr in Best of 2017!

Just a quick one today to share with y’all some really exciting news for our community.

Apple has just released its annual list of favorite apps from around the world. Known as ‘Best of 2017’ we were selected as one of their Trends of the Year in the Lifestyle category!

For us, and for you, this is validation of a product and a community which we’ve all worked sincerely hard to create. We are on track to pass 200,000 signups by New Years and so much of that is word of mouth — please keep up the hustle. Without it we wouldn’t be getting acknowledgement from the likes of Apple or Facebook or Amazon or any of the incredible partners we’ve had a chance to work with in 2017.

Josh ✌️

Ps. See Star Wars 😱

Pps. Check out the final Vampr Story for the year in a wonderfully festive video below!