October 8, 2019

Getting press for your band, finding love and so much more in Vampr’s September Stories

As I’m sure you are aware, we’ve spent the last couple of months laser focused on our crowdfunding campaign.

Well this week we’re shifting gears and moving the spotlight back onto the thing that matters most: you.

Here are your September Stories, and there’s a lot of them! Despite the fact we’ve been busy raising money, you guys have continued to let us know about your success stories (plz never change) and we’ve been stockpiling many of them over the past month.

As our platform matures, inevitably so too do the adventures and experiences of the many bands and relationships formed inside the Vampr community.

September saw multiple Vampr acts get featured articles in the press, we learned about two people who met on Vampr, formed a band, fell in love and have since gotten married (!) and so much more.

That’s enough from us — checkout three new Vampr Stories below. We’ll be following up in two weeks time with a second batch of stories just as diverse!

As always, please let us know if you have your own Vampr Story and want some help in getting it out across the universe ☺️

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