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How to Monetize Your Music Career

By Jacque Alec

Streams versus selling online. Streams are digital distribution and music can only be distributed by official entities like Ditto, CD Baby etc. or record labels. Ditto/CD Baby allow you to retain full rights to your master recordings whereas record labels usually hold a percentage.
Bandcamp also allows you to sell merch on their platform, digital versions of your music and physical and they often have Bandcamp Friday where they waive their fees for that Friday on any purchases made.
There are many ways for an artist to monetize their music. In this day and age, there are more opportunities than ever before to make a living from your music. However, it’s not as easy as putting your music on the internet and waiting for the money to start rolling in. There are a lot of different factors that go into making money from your music. In this post, we will discuss some of the best ways to monetize your music career!

Online Platforms

There are two main ways to distribute your music: through a record label or through a distribution company. If you’re signed to a label, they will take care of getting your music onto all the major streaming platforms. However, if you’re an independent artist without a label, working with a distribution company is your best bet.
There are many great distribution companies out there, like Ditto Music and CD Baby, that will get your music onto all the major streaming platforms. So if you’re an independent artist looking to get your music out there, don’t despair – there are plenty of options available to you!

Physical Formats

CDs and vinyl records are physical formats that people can buy to own your music. They are a great way to monetize your music because they provide a tangible product that people can own and use to listen to your music. You can also include bonus content, such as videos or artwork, on the CDs and vinyl records to give people a more complete experience. Make sure to price your products competitively and market them well so that you can make the most profit from them.

Live Performances

One way to monetize your music is to perform live. If you have a large enough fan base, you may be able to make a living off of touring and live performances. However, even if you don’t make a lot of money from your live shows, they can still be a great way to promote your music and gain new fans.
When you perform, make sure you put on a great show. Engage with your fans and make sure they have a good time. Be energetic and passionate about your music. If you put on a good show, you’ll earn the respect of your fans and they’ll be more likely to buy your music and attend future shows.

Licensing Your Music

If you want to make money from your music, licensing it for use in film, television, and video games can be a great way to do it. This is a more specialized field, so you’ll need to make connections with people in the industry who can help you get your music heard. But if you can manage to land a licensing deal, the payouts can be quite generous.
If you want to make money from your music, licensing it for use in film, television, and video games can be a great way to do it. This is a more specialized field, so you’ll need to make connections with people in the industry who can help you get your music heard. Many musicians who have songs that are commercially viable are signed to a publishing house.
A publishing company will not only approach musicians and ask them to submit their music for TV, advertisements, and so on; they also receive requests from networks wanting songs with particular criteria. Networks often go directly to a publishing house that has a vast song library to select from rather than individual artists as this is more efficient.
The best way to land a publishing contract is to have your recordings mixed, mastered and ready to go. You should then look up which publisher is best for you based on a variety of factors including genre, location, values, and so on. Find their contact details online and send them a pitch with links to your music and an EPK. If you have a contact who knows someone at a publishing house, get them to give you an introduction as this will hold more weight than a cold email. Either way, don’t give up if you get a no the first few times. There are a lot of publishing companies out there and any of them could be a good fit!


There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your merch. First, make sure the designs are eye-catching and original. You don’t want your fans wearing shirts with designs that are already being sold by other artists. Next, make sure the quality is good. Nobody wants to buy a shirt that’s going to fall apart after one wash. Finally, keep the prices reasonable. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on merch, especially if they’re only going to wear it once or twice.
These are just a few of the many ways that you can monetize your music career. If you’re serious about making money from your music, it’s important to explore all of your options and find the best way for you to make a living from your passion!
Do you have any tips on how to monetize your music career? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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