October 1, 2019

[COUNTDOWN ALERT] Early-bird discount almost exhausted

Hey guys,

A quick note today to let people know that the chance to be an early-bird investor in Vampr, securing a 10% discount, is quickly running out.

What does an early-bird investor get? You are buying into Vampr at a valuation 10% lower than the rest of the crowd. This means once the early-bird allocation is sold-out, the value of your security immediately jumps by 10% 🤗 We know!

We kicked off the week with $50,000 remaining in the early-bird allocation, however as of posting this update we’re already down to $40,395, which shows how fast things are moving!

So if you don’t want to miss out on the discount, or are keen to double down on your existing investment and secure a larger reserve at the lower valuation, then we suggest you quickly head on over to www.wefunder.com/vampr

Once the early-bird allocation is exhausted we will also be increasing our minimum investment amount from $100 to $250 — this is another incentive to get in now if you haven’t already!

TALLY UPDATE: Between the campaign and our concurrent Reg D private offering, we have raised over $350,000 with a lead investor and additional funding about to be announced 🥳