December 6, 20162 mins read

You Never Know Where Connecting With Others Will Take You

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As a musician, one of the biggest obstacles one faces is finding talented collaborators. A country singer sitting in their room in a small town in Iowa may have a hard time connecting with a seasoned mix engineer who lives in New York or LA to put the finishing touches on their latest track — or might not even know why there’s a need to connect. That’s where Vampr comes in. Vampr is an innovative new app connecting musicians and facilitating collaborations, artist promotion and fan base growth.

Let’s say you are starting a rock band but are having trouble finding the right drummer to complete the lineup — Vampr can help. In the app, you upload your music, paste or type in a biography and highlight your musical taste. Once you set your discovery settings in the direction you are looking, profiles will begin to pop up and you can then swipe right to connect or left to pass. When you connect with a drummer who seems right for your band, you can start messaging each other to take the next steps on your musical journey. The app is not limited to musicians, however. Let’s say you are looking for a photographer for your latest cover art or are in need of a manager, simply adjust your discovery settings accordingly and start swiping. If you’re just a fan of music, no problem, enter your favorite genres in settings and start discovering new music through people with similar taste. Vampr connects creatives and music lovers alike.

Recently we took providing musicians with opportunity a step further with a competition for two lucky singers to open for Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia with the band Buchanan. After reviewing hundreds of talented entrants, Vampr bent its own rules and ended up selecting three vocalists, a trio by the name of Folk U, to accompany Buchanan at the shows. The young trio’s cover of Mexico by The Staves blew away our judges and secured the three young ladies their spot as the winners.

In the music industry, and in life, you never know where connecting with others will take you. With Vampr, you can find that drummer you desperately needed to complete your band, or score a spot on stage as part of an arena tour from the comfort of your own bedroom. We are slowly but surely breaking down the existing barriers to successfully enter the music industry. The power to success lies in collaborating and making incredible music.

If you’ve ever had doubts in the past because you didn’t have access to the right market or couldn’t find others to validate your talent and help further your ideas, then fear no more, Vampr is here to help 😉 Download Vampr today in the App Store and Play Together.

ps. we’ve nearly finished our Android build — watch this space…

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