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December 27, 20223 mins read

Top 5 Vampr Community Spotlights – December

By Leesa

Our favorite testimonials from our Vampr community! 🔥

For December we have 5 spotlights of our favorite testimonials! Vampr wants to pay homage to our incredible community by shining spotlights on their experiences. We have so many artists releasing insane music and living their best musical lives – we want to spotlight as many as possible!

We always love hearing about community success and collaborations. This is why we do what we do! We have spotlighted 5 of our faves this month. 👀

Spotlight 1: Heitor Silva

Producing music for metalheads and games. Programming audio or web craziness. Heavy and groovy riffs on the guitar.

Watch the full video
Instagram: @itshsilva

Spotlight 2: Tiana Podpora

Tiana Podpora is a Ukrainian-born artist and musician. Her style in music very extraordinary. She recorded music and use natural sounds such as birds chirping, crickets, ocean, water, wind, fire, people, and animal voices also she uses her voice for some tracks. Tiana’s music is a mix of electronic, folk, trans, and ambient genres. She released already ambient cosmic album “Inner Space” (Ukraine), experimental dancing and electronic album “Upgrade” (India), little project “Impressions” – electronic music with her poetry and voice, the project “Silent Home Party”, the small album “Saraswati” and “3 calls”

Watch the full video HERE
Instagram: @thewandergirl

Spotlight 3: Jackson Swaby

Jackson Swaby inhabits the world of art. His Fine Art background cultivated the way he thinks about music, seeing it as “a conversational tool of human energy”. “The medium of house music taught me how to express myself through feel and vibe alone, and it is where I truly began to respond to my existence.” Jackson’s works can be seen on his website with the journey shared on his Instagram @jacksonswaby His fashion output can be found through ‘Order Materia’ @ordermateria Major multi-disciplinary projects with his brother ‘Harrison Swaby’ @swabybrothers.

Watch the full video HERE
Instagram: @jacksonswaby

Spotlight 4: Sarey Savy x VYG 

Sarey Savy
Personal experiences led this Cambodian singer-songwriter and producer to write songs that intersect with love and mental health. From Seattle, this singer is known for his versatility, authenticity, and lyrical content – not confining himself by genre. Savy is on the verge of becoming an international breakout star. Having been featured on Spotify’s International editorial playlists from Japan to Australia encompassing lists like “New Music Wednesday“, “元気Booster“, and “Happy Stroll.” His feature on Games (1 million+ streams) with Italian powerhouse Chris River & Pards solidified his abilities not just as a vocalist who is capable of dominating the House genre, but also as a songwriter who can captivate listeners. The multifaceted artist has charted on the “iTunes Top 100 Electronic Charts” in Japan, “iTunes Dance Charts” in numerous countries (including #2 in Hong Kong), Deezer Iceland and Malta (on both the “dance” and “electro” charts in both countries) respectively. Ba Da Da played heavily on rotation on Antenna 5 in Macedonia, ultimately peaking at #3. His music has been supported by m2o, Radio 105, R3HAB, Lost Frequencies, Nicky Romero, Merk & Kremont, Cloudkid, Ultra Music, ChillYourMind, House Nation, and more. His single “You Fake AF” which was also produced by Savy was featured on Fresh Finds R&B. His music creates a niche of its own while bringing an early 2000’s nostalgia of music. Dive in and hear for yourself.

VYG is a relatively newcomer to the EDM scene. Their energetic sound, powerful basses and fresh synths make you want to dance. With big support on their previous projects VYG is ready to bring you the best tunes of today and tomorrow. United by Music.

Watch the full video HERE
Instagram: @sareymusic

Spotlight 5: Irondequoit Dodge

Like all modern relationships, Irondequoit Dodge started when banjo player Rita Bliss swiped right on guitarist Eric Legeer. They were not looking for dates, just new music buddies through the musician finder app Vampr. They put a call out on craigslist for a bass player and Jimmie Scott Calhoun fit the bill perfectly. The trio started playing together in May, 2022 and recorded their first EP in July. #rustfolk

Watch the full video HERE
Instagram: @irondequoitdodge

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