We are ecstatic to announce that one of our Vampr artists Navarre has procured not one, but two syncs in the span of two weeks! Congratulations Navarre and to the team who made this a reality. 👏

This wouldn’t be possible without THINK Music LA and we are thrilled to announce we are now working with THINK Music LA as our LA sync partner! 🙌

In case you’re not across it, Sync (or synchronisation) is the process of combining a music track with moving images (e.g. movies, TV show, video game or advertisements). Songwriters rely on music publishers who represent their catalogue of tracks and negotiate with the music supervisors in charge of choosing which tracks get syncs. The publisher makes sure the songwriter gets paid when their track is used.

We know how difficult it can be to get a foot in the door when it comes to publishing and obtaining syncs, so Vampr is here to leave all the doors wide open for everyone. You can register for Vampr publishing for free via the app with no exclusive contracts!

Will you be the next Navarre? 👀
Let’s top ourselves and go three for three!?

Scan the QR to get started!