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marketing tips for emerging artists

March 6, 20244 mins read

50 Marketing Tips For Emerging Artists

By Alli Galloway

So you’ve finally got your release out into the world! Congrats!

Now it’s time to promote your music to build your fan base. If you are feeling overwhelmed about music marketing and promotion, we’ve put together some helpful suggestions for how you can get more people to hear your music, and become a fan. Of course, you can’t do everything – you’re an artist, not a marketing expert – but it’s also good to learn some basics.

  1. Define Your Brand Identity: Know your unique selling points, the things that make you uniquely you –  and the story you want to tell through your music.
  2. Consistent Aesthetic Across All Platforms: Ensure your visuals (album covers, social media posts, Spotify canvas) reflect your brand consistently. Choose a theme, and tie all visual assets into that theme.
  3. Engage on Social Media Regularly: Post content frequently to keep your audience engaged and growing. If you’re stagnant, your followers will drift away.
  4. Utilize Instagram Stories and Reels: Share behind-the-scenes content, teasers, and personal stories to connect with fans. Only do this if it feels natural to you. Don’t force yourself to do it if it’s too uncomfortable.
  5. Create a Professional Website: Include your bio, tour dates, merch store, and links to your music. Your site is your main hub, and the place where you can collect and analyse fan data that you own.
  6. Offer Exclusive Content: Reward your fans with exclusive tracks, videos, or merch. Make them feel special.
  7. Use Email Marketing: Send out newsletters to update fans on new music, tours, and exclusive offers. Encourage followers on social media to join your newsletter as it’s a list you own and will become your most valuable marketing asset.
  8. Collaborate with Other Artists: Increase your exposure by collaborating on tracks or performances. Find likeminded artists on Vampr!
  9. Engage with Your Fans: Respond to comments, messages, and emails to build a loyal community.
  10. Create Quality Music Videos: Visuals can significantly enhance how your music is received. You don’t need a huge budget for this – get creative and make the visuals that enhance your sound.
  11. Leverage Spotify Playlists: Get your music on as many playlists as possible to increase streams. Sounds easy? It isn’t. Big vanity numbers on streaming platforms mean very little, so don’t pay for streams – they’ll serve no purpose. Speak to us about how to advertise on Spotify legitimately to increase your chances of being placed in algorithmic playlists that ensure your listeners come back to your songs time and time again.
  12. Host Live Streams: Perform live sessions, Q&As, or just chat with your fans.
  13. Use Hashtags Effectively: Increase your visibility on social media platforms with relevant hashtags.
  14. Release Music Consistently: Keep your audience engaged with regular releases.
  15. Offer Merchandise: Create and sell unique merch that reflects your brand. make cool tshirts or accessories that people want to wear.
  16. Utilize Facebook and Instagram Ads: Target potential fans with ads for your music or events.
  17. Participate in Music Forums and Groups: Engage in discussions and share your music when appropriate.
  18. Create a Press Kit: Make it easy for media and promoters to find information about you. Vampr makes it easy to share your profile which is a great way to show who you are.
  19. Reach Out to Music Blogs and Magazines: Get your music reviewed and featured. Most music blogs have contact info – submit a compelling story about yourself and your release.
  20. Use TikTok: Share catchy snippets of your songs to go viral. TikTok is one of the best platforms for building reach fast. If you’re a singer, show off your chops by uploading covers.
  21. Plan an EP or Album Launch Event: Make your release a special event for fans to remember.
  22. Collaborate with Brands: Increase your visibility through partnerships.
  23. Optimize Your Online Presence for SEO: Make it easier for fans to find you through search engines. Most website building platforms come with SEO cheat guides to make it easy for anyone to understand and implement.
  24. Host Contests and Giveaways: Engage your audience and attract new followers. A great way to build your email database is to ask people to sign up to go into the draw to win something – could be as simple as a demo you’re working on, through to a merch bundle or tickets to your next show.
  25. Create a YouTube Channel: Share music videos, live performances, and personal vlogs.
  26. Engage in Community Projects: Increase your visibility while doing good.
  27. Use SoundCloud: Post your tracks and engage with the community.
  28. Network at Music Events: Connect with industry professionals and other artists.
  29. Run a Crowdfunding Campaign: Fund your projects with the help of your fans.
  30. Offer Early Access or Pre-Sales: Reward loyal fans with early access to new releases.
  31. Create a Spotify Canvas for Each Song: Enhance your music’s streaming experience with visuals.
  32. Leverage Artist Platforms Like Bandcamp: Sell your music directly to fans.
  33. Develop a Signature Sound or Look: Make yourself instantly recognizable.
  34. Participate in Podcasts: Share your story and music with a new audience.
  35. Submit Your Music to Radio Stations: Don’t overlook the power of traditional media.
  36. Use Analytics to Understand Your Audience: Tailor your strategy based on data from social media and streaming platforms.
  37. Create a Loyalty Program: Offer rewards to your most dedicated fans.
  38. Engage with Local Music Scenes: Build your base by starting locally.
  39. Offer Music Lessons or Workshops: Share your knowledge and connect with fans on a different level.
  40. Create Playlists Featuring Your Music Alongside Influential Tracks: Show your influences and increase playlist followers.
  41. Utilize QR Codes: Make it easy for people to find your music with QR codes on posters, cards, and merch.
  42. Keep Your Content Varied: Mix up your posts with music, personal stories, fan shoutouts, and behind-the-scenes content.
  43. Develop a Unique Stage Presence: Make your live shows memorable.
  44. Invest in High-Quality Production: Your music’s quality should never be compromised.
  45. Be Authentic: Stay true to yourself and your music.
  46. Utilize Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers who resonate with your brand.
  47. Adopt New Technologies and Platforms Early: Stay ahead by experimenting with new ways to reach your audience.
  48. Offer Behind-the-Scenes Insights: Let fans see the process behind your music.
  49. Be Consistent in Your Messaging: Ensure all communication reflects your brand identity.
  50. Never Stop Learning: Stay informed about marketing trends and continuously refine your strategy.

For more helpful tips, especially on the benefits of collaborating with other artists, read this Vampr blog article: The Power of Collaboration

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