Playlisting and Promotion


Join us Semaan is the Partnership Manager at Groover, where he collaborates with global partners, such as festivals, labels, and artists, to develop initiatives for the platform.

He also co-founded Beirut Jam Sessions, organized hundreds of shows, and worked with the likes of Joss Stone, Ibrahim Maalouf, and Papooz.

He has also promoted shows for A-list artists such as Sia, Elton John, and John Legend through the Byblos International Festival. His industry expertise has led to collaborations with Red Bull, Sofar Sounds, and Dewar’s Whiskey to name a few.

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Playlisting and Promotion

We talk with Semaan who has worked with Joss Stone, Ibrahim Maalouf, and Papooz and promoted shows for Sia, Elton John, and John Legend among others.

Interview with Jordan Omley

We interview Jordan Omley, music producer and songwriter that has collaborated with Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys and more!

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Q&A - Welcome to Vampr Academy 2023

Free Q&A with the Head of Vampr Academy Andrew Watt

Masterclass - NFTs for Musicians

Big Low will talk about the world of NFTs, detail the steps he followed to launch his own NFTs, and share his experience so you can do the same.

Armchair Experts #11

We talk with Simon Moor, Managing Director of Kobalt Asia Pacific, about music publishing, sync deals, and more.

Armchair Experts #10

Regan gives us great insights into the life of an artist and touring, and how that helped him become a manager and see things from the artist's perspective.

Armchair Experts #9

We talk with Kodi McKinney, co-founder of US music marketing company Marauder.

Armchair Experts #8

We interview Francesca de Valence, artist, award-winning songwriter, speaker, and founder of the global creative tech community, I Heart Songwriting Club.

Armchair Experts #7

We talk with Neil Wilson, co-founder of Suitcase Records, an Australian vinyl pressing plant. 

Building Your Team - Q&A

Head of Vampr Academy Andrew Watt will be hosting a Q&A event for all the questions you have on our latest Building Your Team course.

Armchair Experts #6

Interview with the legendary Che Pope, multi-Grammy award producer who has collaborated with artists such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana, Destiny’s Child, Dr. Dre, the Weeknd, Diddy, Kanye West and others.

Armchair Experts #5

We talked with the legendary Steve Stewart. Steve was the manager of Stone Temple Pilots and secured major label record contracts with Sony Music, Warner Bros Records, A&M Records and others.

Social Media for Emerging Artists

Everything emerging artists should know about social media: how to use it smartly to make the most of it.

Armchair Experts #4

Our Armchair Experts interview with John Petrocelli provides fantastic insights into the fast-moving world of live streaming.

Armchair Experts #3

This interview with Yotam Mann is essential for any artist with an interest in AI and pushing the boundaries of music creation.

Artists and Managers - A Key Relationship

Andrew Watt provides some insights on the key relationship between Artists and Managers and how emerging artists can make the most of this relationship.