October 20, 2021

Breaking News! Own a piece of Vampr today 🚀

Today we’re incredibly excited to be launching our third equity crowdfunding round on the back of hitting a phenomenal milestone with 1 million users!

Vampr is a company largely owned by its users, with two previous successful Reg CF campaigns providing us with the means to grow the company and keep Vampr as the go-to network for musicians and creatives.

This latest campaign will offer our community the opportunity to take an ownership stake in the company and join our existing 2200+ user-investors for as little as $250. We also have 200 unique Vampr NFTs remaining for people who invest $500 or more. We’ll come back to that at the end of the blog 😉

The journey so far

When Baz and I launched our first crowdfunding campaign in 2019, we came to the public with a vision to expand our network beyond basic musician roles, and to increase the usefulness of Vampr to the broader creative community. With more than 20,000 creative skill types now listed on the platform we can comfortably say: Mission accomplished ✅

2020 saw us build on this momentum with a second crowdfunding round, and a plan to transition Vampr into a true marketplace where both the company and our users were able to make money from the inherent opportunity and value of this fast growing network. And well, the proof is in the numbers, which you can check out on the updated campaign page:

Where to from here?

It’s been a year of big wins and big multiples!

Across the metrics which matter, almost everything has doubled:

One more thing…

Animated GIF

To get your hands on one of these exclusive NFTs, head on over to the updated campaign page at and commit to an investment.
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